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The Egyptian Society of Language Engineering (ESOLE) was established 1 January 1996 in Cairo, Egypt. The society aims at the fulfillment of many objectives leading to the promotion of the Language Engineering sciences with emphasis on those treating the Arabic language. Through the activities of the society academic and technical researchers, linguists, producers and end users from different places and different languages can share knowledge to promote the technology of man-machine communication by natural language.


The main objectives of the society are:


  1. Taking care of the language Engineering and computational linguistics, with a special attention to the Arabic language. The aim is to arrive at systems for automatic machine translation from Arabic to foreign languages and vice versa.
  2. The follow up of the new advancements in sciences and emerging scopes of Language Engineering.
  3. Cooperation with other scientific societies in all levels.
  4. Building data – bases, and supporting information services necessary for the society activities.
  5. Issuing of a scientific journal and also periodical publications with permission of the concerned authorities.
  6. Holding seminars and conferences specialized in the domain of language Engineering.
  7. Organizing training courses in the domain of the society activities.
  8. Establishing a library accessible to those concerned with language engineering.
  9. Assistance with technical advice in the scope of the society activities.
  10. Evaluation of the research or applied products dealing with language     engineering.
  11. Encouraging research efforts in language engineering through prize’s delivery.
  12. Establishing new branches of the society in the other governorates in Egypt.

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