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The Egyptian Society of Language Engineering (ESOLE) was established 1 January 1996 in Cairo, Egypt. The society aims at the fulfillment of many objectives leading to the promotion of the Language Engineering sciences with emphasis on those treating the Arabic language. Through the activities of the society academic and technical researchers, linguists, producers and end users from different places and different languages can share knowledge to promote the technology of man-machine communication by natural language.


Each year, during the conference, Awards of Excellence are given to selected persons who shared in the progress of Language Engineering sciences and technologies. In the following the awarded persons are sited:

1.Prof. Dr. Mohamed Adeeb Riad Ghonaimy 2006,

2.Prof. Dr. Aly Helmy Moussa, 2007

3.Prof. Dr. Mohsen Rashwan, 2007

4.Prof. Dr. Salwa Hussein Elramly, 2008

5.Prof. Dr. Bahnassy Nosseir, 2008

6.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Farag Eissa, 2009

7.Dr. Nabil Ali Abdelaziz, 2009

8.Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zaki Abdelmageed, 2010

9.Prof. Dr. Taghride Anbar, 2010

    10.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fahmy Tolba, 2011

    11.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abd El-Samie  Elhamalawy, 2011

    12.Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rafea, 2012

    13.Prof. Dr. Aly Aly Fahmy, 2012

    14.Prof. Dr. Wafaa Kamel Fayed, 2014

    15.Prof. Dr. Nadia Hammed Hegazy, 2015

    16.Prof. Dr. Sameh Al-Ansary, 2015

    17.Prof. Dr. Sameh Al-Ansary, 2016

Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2016

Ain Shams University, 2017

Misr International University(MIU), 2017
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